US-India Alliance to Enhance Building Performance and Energy Efficiency

Cooling India_August 2014 This is the soft copy for the August edition of Cooling India, an HVAC trade journal for the country. The editor reached out to me to do a piece for this issue. I chose to research the longstanding relationship between the US and India, the world’s two largest democracies, and their impact…

Eco Property EP04: NextGen Heating

I was asked to go to Boston and visit an engineer who created a heating system for his house that’s 60% more efficient than the old system. I’m proud to see his hard work come to life. Great stuff.  


“There are a lot of people in the Residential Energy Efficiency field who talk about treating the home as a system. However, when asked who is responsible for the homes envelope, all the Energy Auditors and HVAC Technicians, I know, point at the other group. As further proof that no one is taking responsibility; less…


“Ryan Rex’s expertise in green building is as compelling as his passion for green building. And his knowledge around sustainable home improvement products is impressive – especially in light of the breadth and diversity of this category.” Krissa GlasgowSr. Manager of Environmental InnovationThe Home Depot

Eco Property Episode 03: Home Depot

Looking to save energy dollars at home? Take an insider’s look into the sustainable (green) products and technologies available at Home Depot.  

Furnace Change Out is Just the First Step

Furnace Change Out is Just the First Step This article highlights my thoughts on replacing your home furnace, and how the replacement practice these days goes much deeper than “one out one in.” Someone needs to actually look to see if there are large areas of heat loss in the home first, correct those issues,…


“Ryan was extremely quick, effective, and pleasant to work with throughout the entire process. As a fellow small business owner, I would recommend Ryan’s services without hesitation. Feel free to call or email for more information about Ryan’s work.” Dan Hussain, President, American Patent Agency and American Pioneer Ventures. This was our first testimonial from…

A New Construction Company Bets on Artistic Sensibilities and Technology

A New Construction Company Bets on Artistic Sensibilities and Technology I was included with an article posted about some colleagues of mine in the Chestnut Hill Local, a Philadelphia area newspaper. The author wrote the story based on my friend, and president of the company, Michael Sebright, who believes that hiring educated and artistically inclined…

Whole-House Humidifier Benefits

Whole-House Humidifier Benefits An article by Aaron Crowe about the benefits of whole-house humidifiers for AOL Real Estate. Aaron included my thoughts on what a homeowner can expect when installing a humidifier on their forced air system.