Behind the Meter Podcast: Ryan Rex on Cogeneration

I would like to thank Carl Weinschenk of Energy Manager Today for the invitation to join him on Behind the Meter. During the Podcast, Carl and I discuss the benefits of Cogeneration, best practices for installation and the future of the business.


Green Time Podcast: Sustainable Corporate Moving Services

On a trip to New York City, I had a chance to meet with two inventors, Marty Spindel and Nadine Cino, who own and operate the Tyga Box companies. They were great to work with during their interview.

Afterwards, Nadine gave me a second interview for the podcast to talk about her sustainable company and how they are drastically reducing the use of cardboard moving boxes.

Green Time Podcast: Sustainable Steam Heating Systems 

Recently, I visited Boston, MA to meet with inventor and home heating expert, Igor Zhadanovsky, to discuss how he is personally reinventing home steam heating systems. Igor installed the prototype system in his own house, which is now running at a 60% more efficient operation than his original system, which used heavy steel pipes and radiators. Igor received a patent for his system from The American Patent Agency in three months.

I interviewed Igor for my podcast, Green Time, to give a more in-depth perspective on how people can improve the comfort of their homes with these systems. Check it out!

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