Energy Conservation.

Think about the importance of that phrase. As we rely on our technologies more, and they exponentially improve therefor requiring more electricity. This might not mean a whole lot when thinking about it at first. Yet, looking deeper into the electrical grids in the US and abroad, there’s no way we can keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for power if we continue doing things as we always have in the past.

Being green is a way to change your habits. Wasteful or not, we all have room for improvement. Examining the way we produce and use energy are what I refer to as Going Green. If someone tells you its all about buying reclaimed wood, using sustainable building material or green products from the local big box store…I got two words for em: Energy Conservation.

There’s nothing more important in terms of environmental impact, carbon footprint reduction, global warming, climate change or any other buzzwords they can throw at you. (Not to mention, all these terms were created by politicians to divide and confuse us.)

Think about it like this: It takes more resources to produce electricity than anything else on earth.

Saving electricity is the future of smart building, sustainable living and going green.

This page is devoted to all of these things.

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